HRC2 Salisbury AS1200HAT lift-front hard hat/face shield

$ 190.00

Salisbury's AS1200HAT Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Face Shield which stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of the hard hat when not needed.

The AS1200HAT has an ATPV rating of 12 calories and utilizes nanotechnology to provide a clearer, more transparent window for improved visibility. The shield/window is designed to be easily replaced without tools. The faceshield unit includes ventilation ribs that allow a natural convection air flow through the top of the face shield. This reduces fogging of the visor, lowers CO2 levels and improves comfort for the user.


  •  FLKIT:  Attachable task light (1) ASFL & mounting clip (1) FLCLIP
  • ASFL:  Attachable task light (requires FLCLIP mounting clip for installation)
  • FLCLIP: Attachable Task Light Clip (1) to mount one task light ASFL
  • AS12CLIP:  Replacement Clips Set (2)
  • AS12CLR: Transparent chin guard dramatically increases the user’s peripheral view by increases visibility
  • AFLENS:  Fog inner lens includes an air spaced design that decreases fogging. The shield meets the ASTM requirements for an Anti-Fog Lens.

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